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Classic lines, freely inspired by revisited historic and regional French styles.
Heterogeneous, sophisticated, sober, elegant, massive, so many adjectives which can qualify our collections.

From Middle Ages to Louis.. and through our many regions so characteristic.
Tables in abundance, sideboards, dressers, cabinets, consoles and so many others

Louis n° 15

Louis n° 15 Louis XV, named beloved king, imposed a style which is mainly characterized by its lightness. It is the origin of the rounded Louis XV leg, the curvatures, the feminine touch above all!

It looks like an early revolution! A style which aims to be modern, round and feminine. Definitively relieved, from this moment one started to speak on about interior design.


Convention Partially stemming from the French Huguenot, became Shakers after an  exile in England settle in the United States. They developped a style of bare and functional furniture. Freely inspired by these ancestors, Convention asserts its origins which prefigure the minimalist style.

Simplicity and feature are common key words. Universal furniture to fit in any interior. You will find one for every room!

Marguerite de Provence

Marguerite de Provence What a fate for Marguerite de Provence, oldest daughter of Duc de Provence, who married Louis IX, says Saint Louis. Marguerite de Provence had for emblem the flower which carries her name name. She was beautiful and talented, queen's qualities.

This is what we wanted to evoke in our collection Marguerite de Provence, the beauty and the talent, but especially all the soul of Provence, country of Aix by the Alpilles foothills.

This collection is complete, conceals small pieces of furniture which will find their place in any cosy room.


Marie-Antoinette Marie-Antoinette, last queen of France, wife of Louis XVI. In spite of the splendors of the court, the fashion and the extravagance, the style of the furniture will be opposite.
Louis XVI wants to free himself from rounded forms of his grandfather Louis XV. Lines became therefore pure and minimalist.

Ovals and circles are replaced by straight lines. Diamond shapes and grooves appeare. The legs shape are straight and tapered.

This style is recognizable anywhere.

Collection Manufacture

Collection Manufacture Inspired from old workshops, the Manufacture collection, solid and sturdy  remember our rich industrial and craft past. The strong values arisen from men’s hard work now perfectly match to our interior design.


Tables Tables, Tables and Tables again!
So many lenghts, thickness, that enable you to combine both top and legs to get the table that meets your need.

Different Lengths, shapes and thickness for our farmhouse tables.

Solid or framed top for our monastry tables,
And so many others...

Craft furniture

Craft furniture Let's cook à la Française!

Butcher's block revamped and to be fitted to any space.

A smart kitchen island, that can be fitted between two kitchencabinets, with a removable chopping board that becomes a relevant backsplash, and kitchenware hanger.

Modular Console

Modular Console Make up your own console!

Make up styles, sizes, functions and colours according to your rooms ; kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom, lobby...

It will be your needs as close as possible!